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Elderly care - “Guarantee of Dignity”



The Guarantee of Dignity ensures that as a recipient of care services, you are treated with dignity, kept safe and have meaning in your old age. Consideration will be given to the following

  • That you have the correct living arrangements based on your needs and condition
  • That you have a varied diet and customised assistance with meals
  • That you have the most normal life possible, with a regular routine and the ability to be out and about, as well as the help you need with personal hygiene
  • That you are given the chance to talk with someone about essential questions of existence
  • That you have palliative treatment and a dignified death
  • That you retain or improve your ability to function in daily life
  • That you receive adequate follow-up from a doctor or other staff
  • That you have a private room if you are living in a health care institution.


Elderly people.


You are receiving health care services under the Health Care Act or the Act relating to social services through NAV. For example, such services might be home help services, home nursing care or a place in a nursing home.

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Appeal Option

You can file a complaint if your individual needs are not being met or regarding the performance of the service.  Submit your complaint to the municipality or directly to the service provider. You can also file a complaint directly to the Board of Health Supervision in your county under the Patient Rights Act.

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