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Instruction in the Norwegian language and society



The programme will enable you to participate in the labour market. You will have a total of 600 hours of tuition. The Norwegian society course will be taught in a language that you understand. The Norwegian language class will be taught in Norwegian. You must complete this training in order to obtain permanent residency and citizenship.
There will be mandatory final examinations in the Norwegian language and society.

An individual plan will be developed for you. The plan will be based on your training needs. If you are entitled to free education (see below), you will be offered additional, free tuition in Norwegian (up to 2400 hours) if you need it. The municipality may require you to take a test to determine if you have such needs.


Foreign nationals between the ages of 16 and 67 who have a residence permit that forms the basis for a permanent residence permit. This includes:

  • Asylum seekers
  • Resettlement refugees
  • Migrant workers and their family members
  • Persons granted a residence permit on humanitarian grounds and their reunited family members 
  • Family members reuniting with Norwegians or Scandinavian citizens residing in Norway.

Service price

The service is free for people between the ages of 16 and 67 who have a residence permit that forms the basis for a settlement permit, with the exception of migrant workers and their family members. These individuals must pay for tuition.

Lover og forskrifter

The municipality is obligated to provide this service. See in particular Chapter 4 Norwegian language and social studies of the Introduction Act.



Rules and regulations






The municipality is obligated to provide instruction in the Norwegian language and society as early on as possible and within three months after the request for such instruction is submitted.

Appeal Option

You can appeal decisions concerning

  • The allocation of tuition
  • Significant changes to the individual plan
  • The stop of instruction
  • Leaves of absence

Your appeal must be submitted within a deadline of three weeks from the date on which you received the decision. Explain what you are dissatisfied with and why you believe the decision should be changed. If you need guidance, you can enquire with the municipality. If the municipality upholds its decision, the case will be passed on to the county governor, who will determine whether the appeal should be sustained.

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