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Language instruction - especially for linguistic minority students



Students whose first language is not Norwegian or Sami can apply to have special tuition in Norwegian until they have sufficient skills in Norwegian to take regular classes in school. If necessary, students may also be entitled to native language instruction, bilingual education or both. This may apply to newly-arrived students and other minority students with limited proficiency in Norwegian.  Native language instruction may be offered at a different school than the one the student attends. 


Linguistic minority students in primary through upper secondary school.


  • The student must not have Norwegian or Sami as their native language
  • The student does not have sufficient knowledge of Norwegian to be able to take regular classes
  • There must be suitable teaching staff available in the municipality (this applies to native language instruction and bilingual education).

Brosjyrer, dokumenter, kart og lignende

Nasjonalt senter for flerkulturell opplæring
Lover og forskrifter

The municipality is obligated to ensure that this service is provided.

Section 3-5 of the Independent School Act
Sections 2-8 and 3-12 of the Education Act
Regulation to the Education Act Chapter 5.



Rules and regulations

Forskrift til opplæringslova


Guidance - how to obtain this service

You can contact the municipality (for primary and lower secondary school students) or the county municipality (for upper secondary school students) for assistance in applying for special language instruction.




The municipality/county municipality must identify the skills you have in Norwegian before making the decision to offer special language instruction. You will also be checked up on over the course of your education to determine whether you know enough Norwegian to be able to take regular classes.


The municipality (for primary and lower secondary students) and the county municipality (for upper secondary students) will process the case as soon as possible. If a decision cannot be reached on the case within one month, you will receive a written message stating the reason as to why. You will also be informed of when the decision is expected to be made.

Appeal Option

If you are dissatisfied with the decision, you can appeal to the municipality/county municipality within three weeks from the date on which you received it. Explain what you are dissatisfied with and why you believe the decision should be changed. If you need assistance, you can enquire with the municipality/county municipality. If the decision is upheld, the case will be passed on to the county governor (for primary and lower secondary school students) and the county municipal appeals board (for upper secondary school students), which will determine whether the appeal should be sustained.

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