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Rules for secondary schools



The county authority shall issue regulations regarding rules for secondary schools. The rules shall be made available to pupils and parents. The rules shall include rules about behaviour and actions and procedure for violations of the rules. Rules for expulsion must be stated in the school rules if they are to be used as a form of reaction. In especially serious cases, the pupil can be expelled for the remainder of the school year or may lose the right to upper secondary education. The latter two sanctions can be used without being included in the school rules.
Sanctions that are not in the school rules may not otherwise be used. Corporal punishment or other degrading treatment must not be used for any reason.


Pupils in secondary schools and their parents.


Before taking a decision to expel a pupil or any other form of disciplinary action, the pupil shall have the opportunity to express their views orally to the person who will make the decision. Before the principal approves the expulsion, the principal shall consult with the pupil's teachers.
Decisions on expulsion for the remainder of the school year or decisions on the loss of the right to upper secondary education shall be taken by the county authority. Other remedial or disciplinary measures should be considered first.

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Appeal Option

You can appeal the most severe disciplinary measures, such as expulsion for one day or more and the loss of rights. The appeal must be in writing and must be reasoned. The appeal shall be sent to the authority that made the decision. Appeals must be submitted within three weeks after notification of the decision. The appeal shall specify what you want changed in the decision and your reasons for this.
The appeals body is the county council or a special appeals board appointed by the county council. For decisions about the loss of the right to upper secondary education, the appeals authority is the county prefect. Before the appeal is sent, the body that made the decision shall consider whether there are grounds to change it.

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